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Idea 2 Business Coaching Program

Transforming Your Idea Into A Functioning, Income Generating Business

In this Coaching Program, I will take you through a step by step process until  the IDEA in your HEAD has been Transformed into a Functioning, Income Producing Business.
7 STEPS to Transforming Your Idea Into An Income Generating Business

  • Foundation Phase
  • Operation Phase
  • Inspection Phase

STEP 1  Re-Visit Your Product/Service

For the Product or Service you are trying to offer.  There is a story behind it, that makes it something you just have to do.  Revisit the Story behind the Product or Service – so you can see what’s driving you.

Step 2  Re-Visit Your Customers


We are providing product or service for the sake of the people who have the problem, who are frustrated, who are suffering.  We get clear answers to the question -- Who’s cry do you hear, that compels  you to deliver this product or service to a person?


Step 3 – Write a Business Play Book

We write our Idea in simple words, that we can understand.  We get the Idea out of the dangerous neighborhood of our Mind, and put it in writing

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Module 4 – Get Work

GETTING WORK - SALES - The effort you do to get customers.  Process of knowing your customers and knowing how to let them know you are a solution to their needs/frustrations.

Module 5 – Do Work
DOING WORK - OPERATIONS - Producing.  Whether you are producing a product or providing a service, there is a systematic process to do it.  It requires - SHOWING UP, and delivering something of value.

Module 6 – Get Paid
Not to be confused with Selling or Getting customers, this is the process we go through to actually receive money for the product or service we have offered.


Module 7 – Review & Evaluation

As a Business Owner, monitoring how well your business is doing, is your job. Measure things before they become a problem.

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Here is what you get...
Idea 2 Business Regular Coaching Program
8 Training Modules  
Powerful, Content-Rich 60-120 minute Session, reviewing each step in the proven Idea 2 Business Coaching Model.  Every session includes an exercise to keep client focused and on course to accomplishing their desired 12 month business goal. 


Open Coaching Calls
There aren't any appointments, it's first come/first serve - but my schedule is clear during these designated times - just for you!  This is an exclusive bonus that provides the extra support you need after a Group Training Session.  Plus, this is a great opportunity to listen to question and answers from other clients.

Group Coaching Topic Calls
Based on a specific topic, After a brief 15 minute training on a specific topic, I will facilitate a group coaching session.  Topics are usually based on the core disciplines of business ownership, or subject matters that are impeding progress.

Access to Client-Only Facebook Group
This Facebook Group is only for Idea 2 Business Clients.  In this group, you will find many networking opportunities, potential joint-venture partnerships and/or sponsorships.  In addition you will find high-quality mastermind buddies, friends and possibly customers (**certain rules apply**).  This is a way to connect with like-minded people and receive support and encouragement.

Submit questions via E-mail on designated E-Coaching Days and they will be responded to within 24 hours.  Also, receive Coaching tips via Email.

** VIP PROGRAM Includes all the above PLUS **

Private Strategy Calls
1:1 Coaching Sessions, reviewing assignment from the Training Modules, as it relates specifically to your business, and progress of personal business goals. 

Tracking and Accountability

Progress tracked on a weekly and monthly basis.  Submit goal status and numbers, and reports are generated to track and measure your improvement.  This will ensure problem areas are identified before they become catastrophes, so there is continued success.  These reports are also reviewed during the 1:1 coaching sessions.

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